uganda dialogue arena


“A holistically shaped generation of young people who are strategically positioned at the centre of Uganda’s social economic transformation.”


“To build and sustain an empowered and vibrant population that strives to live in harmony with divergent views for the benefit of all”

Objectives and activities

  • To re-energize debate and public speaking among Uganda’s young population
  • To partner with other stake holders involved in debate
  • To plan and organize debate tournaments at regional and national level
  • To carry out research on modern trend as far as debate and public speaking are concerned..... For more info


Born in 1990, he started his education journey Kaiho Primary school which was a darling of many at that time. Undoubtedly, from the debates of fire is better than water and other unstructured argumentative discussions both within and outside classroom walls marked the beginning of his debating passion. As a result, he began participation in most of the formal and informal debates and finally went into school politics at that level. With his small size working against him, he managed to earn himself (at long last) a time keeper position while in primary four.

All his life through secondary school education at Bugamba secondary was characterized by debate, argument and structured disagreements which at times he lost on a principle of "a cockroach can never win a case in a crowd of fowls".

In 2009, he was admitted at Mbarara University of Science and Technology to pursue an undergraduate degree in development studies. This was at a time when debates were less thought about at this institution. Worst of it all, under the wise guidance and leadership of Prof FIB Kayanja, political debates were barred from the institution. This never stopped balcony and corridor arguments that he could not afford to miss.

His strong admiration for debates saw him be part of the team that started Human Rights Debate Association as the founding Secretary general under the guidance of Foundation for Human Rights Initiative. This association made its first presentation at the interuniversity human rights debate championship organized by FHRI and hosted by Kyambogo universe in 2011.

Since then, he's been involved in a number of radio talk shows in and around western Uganda and actively involved in organizing debates and public speaking trainings in secondary schools. Has run a self-initiative student leadership orientation workshops in western Uganda for the last 3 years.

A liberal minded pan Africanist, culture advocate researcher and a strong critic of social stratification.