uganda dialogue arena


“A holistically shaped generation of young people who are strategically positioned at the centre of Uganda’s social economic transformation.”


“To build and sustain an empowered and vibrant population that strives to live in harmony with divergent views for the benefit of all”

Objectives and activities

  • To re-energize debate and public speaking among Uganda’s young population
  • To partner with other stake holders involved in debate
  • To plan and organize debate tournaments at regional and national level
  • To carry out research on modern trend as far as debate and public speaking are concerned..... For more info



Mr. Fagil Mandy- Chair Mr. Fredrick T. Musiimenta - Chief Executive
Dr. Roland Mukana Ms. Edith Nagujja- General Secretary
Mr. Etyang Fredrick Mr. Collins Agababyona – Programmes’ Director
Ms Carol Owashaba Ms. Caroline Paparu- Head Coach/Training
Dr. Gastone Ampe Mr. Paul Mbabazi- Head of Operations
Mr. Deo Rugyendo Ms. Hilda Adur- Coordinator- Secondary Schools
Mr. Bony A. Martial Mr. Donald Masa- Coordinator, Universities and other Tertiary Institutions
Ms. Evas Ntambi- Administrative Assistant/ Skills Training Coordinator